Wish List (Fall Edition)

Let's start with some truths. 1) I can't afford to buy new clothes all the time. In fact, I have to carefully budget in general, so I am not the blogger to follow if you want to see massive amounts of newly released clothes on a regular basis. I do my best to shop smart and add mostly basics and versatile items to my wardrobe with the rare trendy piece thrown in here and there. 2) I hate shopping. The worst way I can imagine spending my day is aimlessly wandering stores and riffling through jam packed racks of clothes. As a result, I do most of my shopping online where I can filter items based on specific criteria that I am looking for. Also, I'm short and stores rarely carry petite length pants in store. You almost always have to order them from the online stores.

With all of this in mind, I decided today's post would be about the items I'm loving for fall but, for the most part, won't be able to indulge in. This is its own weird form of mild torture, but that's life I suppose. I've styled the items to give you an idea of how I might wear them.

Silk Poppy Dress in Cactus Flower

Creme Brulee Cardi

The Gemma Mule in Leather

Stop & Stare 58Mm Square Sunglasses

For me, the star here is the Cardi. This is a piece I invested in for the fall and I can't wait to wear it---you'll be sick of seeing it on the blog in no time, I'm sure. Last week I talked about layering and this is the perfect example of what I have in mind for the fall. I love this dress as well and think the two would look great together. I wasn't around for the 70s but this outfit has that kind of vibe for me (or at least what my lack of experience thinks of as a 70s vibe! #80sbaby) for some reason. The more I look at the sunglasses the more I feel like I need them, as well. Check out some similar items below.

Keep A Secret Cashmere Tunic

Orelia Metal Gold Love Thread Through Hair Pin

Vans® Unisex Old Skool Velcro® Sneakers

This is a great casual fall outfit for me. Give me ALL the sweater and sweatshirt dresses and I'm a happy lady. I am dying for these velcro Vans right now and am not sure I'll make it through the weekend without ordering them. In addition to wearing them with dresses I have all kinds of visions of cropped skinny jeans and oversized sweaters with these shoes. Also, notice how a cute hair accessory makes this messy bun feel more put together! Again, check out some similar items below.

Feelin Fresh Vegan Mini Skirt

Waffle V Back Sweater

Buckled Stud Ankle Boots

It's You Fishnet Tights

This outfit is pushing me way outside of my comfort zone, but I can't help but love it. I bought a black mini on sale this summer and want to pair it with tights and tucked in (a small front tuck) oversized sweaters and sweatshirts this fall/winter. I also adore studded boots but have not had the courage to buy a pair yet. This Forever 21 pair seems like a safe way to try the style without spending too much (in case I'm just not feeling it when I pair them with outfits). Fall seems like the perfect season to try something edgier. Here are some similar items that could create this look.

I already have a wealth of sweaters and sweater dresses, so I should be able to raid my own closet to create similar looks to the ones above. That doesn't stop me from creating a wish list of new items to watch during the season (spotting sales is like hunting-- you have to be constantly vigilant and know exactly what you are looking for). Do you go all out with seasonal shopping sprees or are you more reserved and selective with your shopping habits? What kind of look are you waiting to try out or get back into this fall??

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