Winter Mini

The onset of winter does not mean you need to put away those skirts. A mini skirt can function from casual to sexy & warm to cold weather with simple styling tweaks. I paired mine with a sweatshirt (from the men's section of H&M) so I could leave my coat in the closet a little bit longer. Does anyone else refuse to wear a coat when the temperature hits that weird point where its cold but not quite that cold? I love a good coat but I hate letting winter 'win' this early in the game. And sometimes you just don't want to drag a coat around with you everywhere.

The ruffle on this skirt is a great feminine contrast to the casual sweatshirt. If I wanted a sexier or more dressed up vibe, all it takes is a few simple swaps. A different pair of tights, some sexy thigh-high boots, or a silky or lacy top.

Change out the sweatshirt for a chunky sweater; replace the boots with a pair of pumps or chelsea boots (⬅️ I just got this pair and love them); add a pop of color here or there if you are so inclined. It is so easy to get in the habit of pairing the same items together all the time. Be bold, try something different. You don't have to constantly add new items to your closet, you just have to think about how to change things up with what you already own. Good pieces should have some flexibility in how you can style them. If you own a piece of clothing that can only be worn one way or with one other specific piece, ask yourself if it's really worth keeping around. Do you get enough use out of it to let it continue taking up space in your closet? I know it is hard to let go of something you like or let go of the idea of how you might wear it- but if you haven't gotten much use out of it in the last year will you really get around to wearing it in the coming year? Probably not.

How do you break out of your outfit ruts? Any pieces you are trying to figure out how to transition into winter?


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