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I, by subjective (and even some objective) standards, live in the middle of nowhere. I am a product of the Midwest and live about 4 hours from Minneapolis, Chicago, and St. Louis- the closest true big cities in my area. I don't, however, live in a cultural wasteland (a sad misconception applied to the Midwest as a whole by too many who have never truly explored the area). I have the benefit of living in a college town that feeds my creative soul: art, literature, music, and academic exploration. What I often feel is missing is fashion. There has been a push to create a more notable fashion scene in our city (shout out to Flyover Fashion Fest) but there is a disconnect between the fashion I love following online (my favorites are Damsel in Dior, Song of Style, and We Wore What) and the reality of fashion in my daily life.

Those Gucci loafers I love? Not likely to make a home in my closet anytime soon. (Did I mention I am an adjunct Psychology instructor by day?) The Chanel handbag I'm lusting over will take some time to save up for. But I love watching and anticipating the shift in trends, and I can't help but adore the quality material and production of designer goods. My reality (both fiscal and geographic- hello Midwest weather/lack of high-end retail presence) is that those items are not what I can or am buying. I splurged on my one and only pair of Louboutins the summer before my wedding. (It felt like a genuine adult moment for me.)

That is why we are here in The Middle of No Wear. I hope to share my experience in translating the fashion I love into a realistic experience in my Midwest life. I've hit a stage in my life where I want to feel more 'put together' when I walk out the door- i.e., an adult woman with her shit together. So I'll explore how to create a more finished or polished look with trends or pieces that are realistic in my current situation but still make me feel connected to the broader fashion scene. Fashion isn't all I will do here. I also love to cook (and by extension eat), read, and travel when I can, so my other loves will have their moments as well.

100% honest moment: I am super nervous about this blogging venture. I am an introvert by nature and have never put myself out into the world in such an open way as I envision this blog doing. Part of my motivation for this blog is to push myself out of my comfort zone and face a new challenge. I am not a natural in front of the camera- ask my husband who has been roped into photography duties in these early days of the blog. I feel awkward and uncomfortable. I'm hoping that eases with time!

Yikes, here we go! Stay tuned for the first fashion post soon. Comment below and let me know what bloggers you follow and love! What drew you to them and keeps you tuning in for more?


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