Wardrobe Redux

I'm beginning a journey of revamping my wardrobe. Upon starting this blog, I began to have a sense of being lost or directionless within my wardrobe. This issue has always been lurking in the background (i.e., every time I've looked into my closet and felt like I didn't have anything to wear even though I couldn't squeeze another item in to save my life), but having to really focus on my clothes and seeing my lack of direction staring at me from the webpage really forced me to think about this. I wanted some guidance and spotted "The Curated Closet" by Anuschka Rees on Damsel in Dior's snapchat one day- that was it, I jumped online and ordered it.

I've started reading and my first task is to identify my style. Let me tell you, this is harder than you might think. Luckily, this book has homework stops as you read that help guide you through the process. To get myself started, I am clearing out my wardrobe of items that no longer fit or that I never wear. (Can I admit to you that I have a pajama set that is 20 years old.....and I still wear it...and it has robots on it. 😳) I'm doing a purge right now while I wait to start the first formal homework: Document my outfits for 2 weeks. I'm doing things slightly out of order because the instructions are to document your day-to-day outfits and log where you wore each during two weeks that represent your typical lifestyle. We've been traveling a lot this summer and start back to school in two weeks- which will denote a return to my 'typical' lifestyle.

This is my sad closet right now.....without most of my sweaters which are in storage under the bed. It is a mess. Like I said, we are at the beginning of this process. 😂 It's okay if you are judging me, I'm judging myself. There is also some stuff in the spare bedroom closet. I can't bring myself to photograph that closet, it's that scary. (Also, improved closet arrangements are on the bucket list for the next house purchase.)

As I purge items, I am organizing them by season: spring/summer and fall/winter. I need to set up an appointment at a consignment shop to take in my fall/winter items and I'll store my spring/summer items until they are taking those items again.

The Purge

The next homework involves writing down my style goals with the help of a few guiding questions. So far, here is what I've come up with.

1) I want to add more polished and sophisticated items to expand my 'work wardrobe'. As an adjunct teacher, I don't regularly have to dress in professional attire and I am seriously lacking in such items. I have a more casual style in general, but I'd like to take my work clothes up a notch.

2) I am also seriously guilty of dressing in sweats at home and hoping I don't have to answer the door for a surprise visitor. I work from home A LOT, and as a result, consistently dress in clothes I would be horrified to wear in public. I'd like to revamp this habit.

3) I want to dress in a way that is both polished and chic but comfortable and practical. (This has to be possible, right?)

Another homework item is to collect images of outfits, looks, and individual pieces that speak to me in regards to how I'd like to dress. As I cultivate these images I will eventually analyze them for overall patterns regarding colors, silhouettes, material, styling, etc. to help me identify and hone my style. I've included some screenshots of my Pinterest board that I'm using as a start in this process (p.s., I wish Pinterest let you move and sort the image order). Once I have a good collection of items/looks I will compile a list of elements I love based on categories identified in the book.

This is a slow process, but at the core it is starting to help me be more mindful of my style, clothes, and purchasing habits- all things that were goals in my mind when I ordered the book in the first place.

How do you feel about your current wardrobe and sense of style? Have you 'found yourself' in this sense or are you floundering a bit like I am? Do you want to join me in this process and revamp your wardrobe, too?!

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