Under Construction

Hi everyone! Sorry for the inconsistency lately 😖 Life is hectic right now ( #midterms ) and I also want to do some behind the scenes revamping of the blog platform and it turns out this one woman army can't do it all at the same time. So for now, I'm going on a hiatus regarding posts while I take care of my day job and work on the technical stuff behind the scenes of the webpage. I will be brainstorming and working on creating some content for spring when I have the time.....Is there anything in particular you would like to hear more on for spring? I'll be exploring the ethical and sustainable issues and my continued fitness journey more in the coming months for sure, but if you have an interest or need for something specific, let me know! Thanks for continuing to follow along as I figure this whole blogging and juggling life thing out.

#Underconstruction #hiatus

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