Happy Halloween everyone! I ❤️ this time of year. I love fall temperatures, the changing colors of the leaves, hot apple cider (w/rum!), spooky movies, and Halloween costumes. It just doesn't get better than this. The last couple of years we haven't had any costume parties to attend so I haven't been able to geek out over costume planning. I do have one in mind that I'm hanging onto for future use, but it is going to be my most challenging to date. I love a great couples costume and the artistry of doing special makeup. I'll spend hours on it, happily. And luckily, my husband is obliging and willingly goes along with whatever I pick. (Though I know better than to include the Peter Pan costume picture of him in his green tights! 😂 He'd be more than a little uncomfortable with that going public.)

Here are some of our costumes from the last few years plus a bonus one of me back from grad school. I really enjoyed the makeup challenge the Corpse Bride costumes posed. My husband freaks out if I try to touch near his eye (which I learned from the smudged black eyeliner from the pirate costume) so getting his makeup just right was impossible. He kept flinching, squinting, and pulling away. It was hilarious.

Also, pumpkin carving is my jam. Forget all other holiday traditions. If I could carve pumpkins every month, I'd be a happy lady. I can also eat my body weight in roasted pumpkin seeds. This year's pumpkins are featured above. I love how my husband's (on the left) looks afraid of mine (the two on the right)! I am a traditionalist and stick to jack-o-lantern faces when carving.

I've stopped handing candy out as my 'treat' as of last year, for a couple of reasons. First, we get a pathetic number of trick-or-treaters so I always had leftover candy and I can't stop myself from eating it. #ihavenowillpower Second, with the increase in food allergies/sensitivities I am always hesitant on deciding what treats are safe and which are risks. Lastly, I just started to feel bad about feeding the childhood obesity issue by handing out sugar. This doesn't mean I don't turn on my porch light. I wouldn't miss out on those cute little ones in their costumes. Instead, I have a bowl of little Halloween themed toys that I let the kids pick from. I got this idea from a year when I mixed some little rubber mice and spiders into the candy and the kids wanted the toys more than they did the chocolate. I ordered a mix of toys from Oriental Trading Co. last year and the leftovers stored safely in a zip-lock bag until this year when I can bust them out again. I don't gain 5 lbs and it adds some variety to the kids' evening. #winwin

When I was a kid my parents would plan these great Halloween sleepover parties for my girlfriends. My mom would decorate the house, dad would make homemade pizza, and they would let us watch scary movies. I remember one year my dad snuck outside (mom and dad would head downstairs for the evening and let us girls have the run of the living room and kitchen) and started tapping on the windows during one of our movies and mom started to mess with the lights in the living room. I remember more than a couple of girls screaming and freaking out. It was great. It is probably great memories like this that make me still love Halloween so much as an adult!

Do you get excited for fall and Halloween? Any great costumes in the works this year or from years past?! Also, send your kids my way for trick-or-treat so I do better than my 13 kids from last year!!

In case you need (or just WANT) some Halloween inspired gear, I've put together some low-price-point options that mean you don't have to go full on costume to get into the spirit (includes some pregnant as well as plus options).

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