To Trend or Not to Trend….

Trends come and go…. and they do so quickly these days. When do you buy into a trend and when do you let it pass you by? I consider a couple of things when assessing the trends of the upcoming seasons.

To start, how does it make me FEEL. Some trends evoke an instant negative reaction. Others I can tell that, at a first glance, I’m lukewarm on but they stand a chance. Truth be told, it is really rare that I see a trend and go “Yes, I must have it.” Often, I look at a trend and can quickly recognize that it is too extreme for my style. But that doesn’t mean I can’t give it a try at all. I just have to think about how to tone it down and find a muted version of it.

How much of a financial investment is necessary to try it out? I think everyone needs to weigh how much an item costs versus how much use you will get out of it. I do this with every purchase, not just trends. I often ask myself “Do I [insert cost here, e.g., $50] love it?” This is a good litmus test for me.

Closely tied to the previous consideration is how much I will actually wear or use it. If I don’t think I can wear/use it at least once a month, it probably isn’t very functional for my life. This is when cost becomes an even bigger factor. I’m certainly not going to spend a bunch of money on something I won’t get much use out of. And this year, with my refocus in how I spend my money, who I give my money to, etc. this is something I'll be even more careful in evaluating.

Let’s take a look at this in action. Some of last year's trends are holding over into this year and are gaining strength, if anything.

Pajama dressing: This is a trend I was lukewarm on (p.s., this has been around for years [Danielle of WeWoreWhat posted the look below back in 2013- follow her if you want to stay ahead of the curve on trends], but really grabbed hold last year). I know that the full look and even just the pant is not something that fits my personal style. So I looked for a top that had the pajama vibe but was also just a strong silk shirt that would carry over for multiple seasons. I got this Equipment silk blouse and will pair it with jeans and heals or mules this spring. I would be very careful going for a cheap version of this trend. The delicate drape of the silk fabric is really important to the look. I bought another pajama style top online, much cheaper than the Equipment one I'm wearing below (I'm not even going to show you or tell you where it is from- because you need to stay away from it), and it feels gross (read: rough and stiff) and just doesn't hang well on the body. #wasted$$ #lookscheaptoo Also, this trend isn't giving you free reign to ACTUALLY wear your pajamas out and about. 😉 (If you want to go the really comfy route, check out the altheisure trend.)

Inspiration v. Reality

⤴️ image via WeWoreWhat

Mules: This trend had to grow on me, too, and now I am 85% on board. There will always be some variations that are just too outside of my style zone. While I am cutting back on my purchases this year, I am planning on adding a couple new pairs of mules for spring/summer. Sometimes you just have to try somthing a few times and get used to it before you discover you actually love it. This was my mule experience. I bought a pair that I liked after seeing it on a couple of bloggers. I put them on for the first time and had more than a few reservations regarding how to style them. After several wears, they became my go-to summer shoe. I've mostly been vibing on flat mules, but kitten heels are having a serious moment, so I might explore some kitten heel mules for summer.

Inspiration v. Reality

⤴️ image via WeWoreWhat

There are some predicted spring trends that I am less likely to partake in. The Western boot, mega sneakers, micro sunglasses, and the belt bag. For the most part, my shopping philosophy this year will keep me away from most of the trends. It will take a truly special one to grab my eye and my $$. But, just because these trends aren't my thing, doesn't mean you won't be inspired by one of them, so here is a roundup of some examples of each trend.

1. Topshop Arrow Western Boots 2. Matt & Nat Aki Vegan Leather Belt Bag 3. Adidas Tubular Rise Primeknit Mid Top Sneakers 4. ASOS Small Cat Eye Fashion Glasses 5. Theory Suede Belt Bag 6. Maison Margiela Mexas Leather Western Boots

7. Balenciaga Patent Mesh Lace-Up Runner

There are some trends that I am keeping my eye on: lavender and lilac hues (I love the Tibi dress below), sleeve details are still going strong but perhaps shifting into some new directions (e.g., extended sleeves, ruffle sleeves, deconstructed, etc.), vintage florals, straw & round bags. There will of course be a million more as we head into the next few months. Don't feel pressured to buy into them if you don't love them. But also, don't be afraid to go try some of them on and see how you feel about them if they pique your interest. Sometimes you really just need to try something on in person and look at it for a bit. What is a trend you held off on but ended up adoring once you gave it a try?



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