San Francisco (part 1)

The first destination of this road trip was San Francisco. We had plans to visit my husband's sister and fiancé for about a week with lots of exploring of the city and surrounding area. I don't know how the fashion bloggers I follow manage to get such perfect shots while on vacation. My life and how I roll during vacation must be very different from theirs. If you've been following along, you know my first #bloggerfail was in the packing stages. I just couldn't bring all of the cute summer outfits I had envisioned and thank god I packed extra sweaters because San Francisco was downright chilly most of the time. Those cute summer outfits were not practical for this trip and I'm glad I left them behind.

So, what was my next #bloggerfail, you ask? I could not for the life of me get those 'perfect vacation' shots. I'm at fault here, or rather my lack of dedication to the realities of being a blogger. I was not going to take time out of my vacation to SCHEDULE IN photoshoots. My photos have to happen in the moment of real-life experiences because I'm not wasting precious vacation time: 1) doing full hair/makeup 2) taking along changes of clothes/accessories 3) driving to previously picked locations 4) posing repeatedly in the same or similar positions trying to get just the right light, angle, etc. and 5) breaking to review shots and edit or swap out items and start again with #4. Not happening. First off, I'm on vacation- which means that for a solid 12 days I wore a maximum of three products on my face (bb cream, eyebrow pencil, mascara) and actually blow-dried and styled my hair maybe 3 times. And even if I had done full makeup and hair we walk everywhere. EVERYWHERE. In the course of 8 days, my husband and I walked over 50 miles sightseeing around San Francisco and some day trip locations. So here I am, having walked 5+ miles in my sweater to get to the pretty location that would be perfect for a quick photoshoot--at this point, almost nothing about me is photo ready. I look like I've been walking for 5+ miles. So you are getting real life, almost no makeup, wind blown, walked-forever-to-get-here shots.

Here is the first round of highlights:


1) Giants v Braves game: I love a good MLB game. I don't have a team that I root for and I don't watch it on t.v. so I'm here for the atmosphere and a good ball game. If I'm watching baseball, its going to be in person and preferably on a sunny, warm day.


2) City Hall: My husband and I love architecture and this building did not disappoint. We also stumbled upon a few wedding groups doing photos and one actual ceremony with just the couple and the magistrate in an isolated but beautiful spot (we quietly snuck away so as not to disturb).

3) The Palace of Fine Arts: Again, an architecture site for us, but this little park area was beautiful and unexpected. It was overcast so my photos aren't fantastic, but this is the day we were there so I'll take what I get. There were too many other things to do to rearrange schedules around lighting!


4) Soto Mare: Take a friend and get the Cioppino. Don't even look at the menu, just have faith. Also, go early or get a reservation because this place is small in the best possible way.

5) Tartine: Bring friends who are food sharers and have each person order something different. I can't tell you how many other items I wished I could get a forkful (or 3) of. I got a chocolate croissant to go for breakfast the next morning. That was not something I regretted. Its a good thing we walked so much!

I'll have a part 2 highlights of some other excursions we made both in the city and out to nearby locations. Tune in next week to see some of the other places that helped us rack up 50 miles worth of sight-seeing!

Most of the clothes I'm wearing above are no longer available, but I've linked some similar items below. I wore a Velvet zip up grey hoodie with a Splendid striped 3/4 sleeve tee under it and Levi's boyfriend jeans with my Adidas sneakers (find these via the closet link in the menu bar, as can the sunglasses). At City Hall I had on a t-shirt with the grey hoodie layered under a vintage (1990s) Gap jean jacket (that I'm thankful I never gave away) and my distressed Express jeans in black. The blush/mauve colored sweater at the Palace of Fine Arts is from Madewell and no longer in stock, but again, similar items are linked below. (p.s., don't be afraid to shop the men's section ladies!).

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