Ouai addicted and Ouai easy

I've always been alright at doing my own hair, but I got way better at it when I started using quality hair products. In the past I steered clear of products. I didn't like how they made my hair feel- if they made it impossible or gross to run my fingers through my hair I refused to use them. But that left me with limp, flat hair. That was the core of my problem, no volume. My hair is very fine and doesn't hold a curl for long if I don't help it along.

Enter Ouai (pronounced 'way') by Jen Atkin, celebrity hair stylist extraordinaire. I honestly use almost the whole line of products: shampoo/conditioner, mousse, wave spray, hair oil, finishing creme, hair spray, and supplements. My favorites are the mousse (which has massively helped my volume issue), finishing creme (helps give me a piecey texture and moisture), and the wave spray (easy summer waves with little to no effort!). The products don't make my hair feel gross (read: sticky or stiff) and help me up my hair game. I just started using the supplements (oily and thin) a couple of weeks ago, so I will keep you posted on any difference I see over time.

After my shower I prepped with the mousse on wet hair, blow dried briefly, added a bit of the wave spray to damp hair for some texture, finished blow drying, added the wave with a flat iron, applied a little finishing creme to the ends and done! It sounds like a lot, maybe, but it didn't take long and my style held the whole night. Without the product my hair would be limp and flat and the wave would have been gone in a matter of minutes.

To say the least, I am a Ouai convert, if not addict. #ouaiaddicted #ouaibetterhair

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