Organizing My 2018 {Closet}

I don't know about you, but there are few things that make me feel as uber productive as having my space organized. When my desk, closet, house, etc. are organized it just creates a sense of control in my life that is so refreshing. It makes me feel like I've got my shit together, for lack of better phrasing. I spent the last few days of 2017 doing my best to set myself up for a productive start in 2018. I cleaned up my desk and filed away fall 2017 documents from my classes so I am prepared to jump into my spring 2018 semester planning in the coming days. But what I found most satisfying was tackling my closet.

Do you ever drool over blogger closets that are massive and filled with ever-so-lovely items? I do (here, here, and here- seriously check these closets out. They are bigger than my bedroom.). But at the same time it seems like soooo much stuff....too much stuff if I'm being honest. Who needs that many clothes? Do you actually wear them all? Who can afford all of that stuff!!?? #toeachtheirown My house and wallet couldn't possibly support that type of closet. But really, I don't think I would feel any better about my life if I had it. Organizing my closet was enough of a challenge and I identified so much waste in the process. Why spend my money on items that I don't wear much? I want to be much more mindful of this in the new year. Also, keep your eye open for posts on my exploration of more ethical and sustainable clothing brands/options/practices this year. Is this something you are interested in?

If you've been following along, you may have read my posts about my Closet Redux. I was using The Curated Closet as a guide to refine my wardrobe and style, but I quickly fell off the wagon of good intentions. In retrospect, I think I was rushing myself. I was really struggling to identify 'my style' or what I really wanted my style to be. I needed to take more time to figure all of that out. I'm still working on it, but I feel like I have a better handle on it than I did a few months ago. I'm not allowing myself any clothing purchases in January and I'm going to just take time to really read the whole book and think about it before I act further.

I was brutally honest about what items just didn't really fit my idea of where I want my style to go or just literally didn't fit me well. I pulled out pieces that I rarely or never wore and said a simple goodbye to them. I pulled out pieces I had been trying to stretch the lifespan of (snags, small stains in what I hoped were discrete or unnoticeable locations, tees with tiny holes that I was still trying to get away with last summer, etc.) but really just need to say farewell to. This was maybe the most theraputic aspect of the process. I believe in using my belongings until they quite literally die on me (my car is a 1998 and still going strong!). But when this comes to my clothes and how I am presenting myself to the world, I needed to reassess how far I was pushing these pieces. The other items I purged are hanging out in my spare bedroom to be sorted (the baskets pictured above) into 1) donations 2) consignment 3) send off to friends who will use them. I hope to get through this project in the coming week.

Once I had everything pared down, I changed gears to organizing what was left. I sorted out my most casual pieces to one side of the closet and the nicer stuff (read: silk shirts, dress pants, etc.) to the other; my sweaters were sorted by frequecy of use/utility; and fitness versus lounge wear (at home use only) were sorted. I need shelving/drawer space that our closets and bedroom configuration do not have/accommodate well so these drawer inserts really eat up my hanging space. But we all figure out how to make due with what we have, right?

I then organized my hanging items by color. I reduced my items so much that it didn't seem meaningful to sort by item type- e.g., t-shirt, long sleeve, etc. But if you have a lot of items in your closet this might be a good idea to do. Organizing items by color makes it easy to quickly eyeball your options based on the other pieces you are pairing with and makes my preferred color pallete more evident. Because of the overload of sweaters going into my drawers, I invested in some cascading hangers for my jeans (this isn't ideal, but until I have more space, it will have to do). Sweaters will go back into storage containers when the seasons change again, at which point I'll need to do this all over again with my spring/summer items 😫.

I majorly geeked out with my splurge on new, matching hangers (find similar here). I decided to invest in some nice wooden hangers and love how they really just finish off the look of the closet and make the organization look complete.

Above is the side by side comparison of what the closet typically looked like before and where the closet is now; below is a bigger view of the final project. My closet feels like a boutique shop now when I look into it. I find the items in my closet more appealing and easier to navigate. This also helps me feel more focused in terms of my style and I hope it helps me further refine the types of items I should be focusing my time and money on moving forward. I already identified a couple of weaknesses in terms of my casual basics to start planning for this spring.

Now that the closet looks this great the goal is to keep it that way! So no more putting away clothes inside out or just mindlessly shoving a piece into the closet. Here is to an organized 2018 filled with personal and professional development! Did you do anything in particular to start your 2018 off on the right foot?

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