Office Style Upgrade (Wardrobe Redux Part 3)

One of the areas I quickly identified as needing some attention in the evaluation of my wardrobe was my work-wear. As an adjunct instructor, my office is a classroom and I'm only there for a few hours 4 days a week. The rest of my work happens in the comfort of my home. As such, in the past, I would dress pretty casually for work (think jeans...lots of jeans). Academia at the college level, inherently, has a lot of room for variation in work attire. I know plenty of professors who consistently teach in jeans (like I did), shorts, t-shirts, etc. It is one of the beauties of the profession- you have a lot of autonomy in all kinds of areas of your work. I wanted to change my habits here, though. I turned 35 this year and just didn't feel like I was dressing like an adult when I went to work.

In an earlier post, I took pictures of my work wear for about 2 weeks and then assessed what I liked and didn't like and what I was missing. I wasn't very impressed in general with my outfits. They were dressier, for sure, but they weren't exciting me. I realized I had some specific gaps in my wardrobe.

1) I needed more basic, classic dress tops. But I also needed to add some fun detailed tops as well.

2) I needed to diversify my pant colors. I was existing on grey and black.

3) I needed a dressy pair of black flats to add to my shoe options. I'll need some snow-appropriate shoes, too, but I'm not willing to face that yet.

I took advantage of an Express sale to get a good number of pants and tops to start mixing in. Here I'm wearing four new pieces: a pink balloon sleeve top, a black shell top, burgundy pants, and a pair of black mules. (Also, my beloved sweater that sheds so badly I may as well be wearing a yellow lab around my body. I don't even care, I love it so much.)

I love the balloon sleeve top way more than I expected. I'm glad I added it to my cart (online shopping #forthewin). I ❤️❤️❤️ the black mules and might have worn them at least 3 times in one week. The burgundy pants are outside of my normal comfort zone....I can't remember the last time I owned a pair of colored dress a good way. They help relieve some of the boredom I was feeling in my outfits in the last post. I love all neutral looks and people who can pull off a black & white wardrobe, but I need some color in my life.

You can see below that I stocked up on some super versatile, basic black and white options with different sleeve and neckline cuts. The second row of shirts has a bit more pizzaz. I added a bit of color, print, lace, and sleeve details with these pieces. Outfits with these will be coming down the road.

One realization I had to face was that I just can't do silk tops. I love them, but I invariably spill something on it within the first 3 wears, don't realize I spilled, and end up with a $100+ stained shirt that I can't wear anymore. My fashion needs to be practical for my lifestyle and habits. Most of these shirts (I haven't looked at all of the cleaning instructions yet) can be machine washed and if irreparably stained it isn't huge loss. Here are some of the shirts, plus a couple of others I still have my eye on. (p.s., google express promo code and you are bound to find additional discounts when purchasing.)

Which do you like most? I'll do an outfit with the fan favorite soon. Also, are you a color person or more of a neutrals when at work?

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