My 2017 Favorites

I decided for my year-end post I would reflect on my favorites of the last year (of the ones I can remember!). While working on this post I once again had to acknowledge that I have a pretty fantastic life. So here we go!

First up, and least important in the grand scheme of things, my favorite clothing purchases of the year. While I hate the winter, apparently winter clothes are my jam. I'm a sweater fanatic. (Click the links for more info/purchase for items still available.)

Free People Cardi, Sézane Sweater, Express Coat, H&M Sweater, Rebecca Minkoff Purse, Dolce Vita Chelsea Boots

Next up, my favorite places of the year were San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Chicago, and the view from the Stahl House in Los Angeles. Traveling in California this summer was a dream. I love to explore new places, and San Francisco, Napa Valley, Yosemite, and L.A. offered such varied experiences. I can't wait to go back. Yosemite may have stollen my heart, by the way. I left there with so much peace. Protecting these natural, beautiful places is so important.

Lastly, and most importantly, my favorite moments. All of my favorite moments involved my favorite man of course. He makes all of these adventures possible and makes my dreams come true. The best place to be in the summer in Chicago is Millennium Park with a picnic on the lawn for some free musical performances or movies. You can find me there a couple of times a week while we are staying in the city. California clearly offered some of the highlights of my year. The Redwoods in Muir Woods was like nothing I have ever experienced. It was like walking through an ancient time. Kayaking on the Pacific Ocean and through the sea caves of the Channel Islands was indescribable and an irreplaceable experience. Yosemite could be described in the same way but for its own reasons. I was challenged during each adventure and pushed outside of my comfort zone. Both showed me I can do more and find more out in the world and increased my drive to do so. While L.A. isn't a place I will visit frequently, it offered an outstanding array of cultural experiences. The architecture. The museums. The food. My last favorite moments are ones I had to say goodbye to. Dinners with friends at the Motley Cow will no longer happen but I'll hold the memories dear.

I truly hope that you can look back on your year and find special moments and people to reflect on. The things we have are the least important aspect of our lives. The things you DID with people you love - those are our true treasures. Here is to a 2018 that is as good or better than the year past.

p.s., Here are some of your favorite items (that are still available) from the year based on my analytics data. You have great taste!

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