Mother's Day gift ideas

Mother's Day is around the corner so I thought I would share a few items in my go-to categories when shopping for mom. Obviously, every mom has different tastes and interests, but these categories don't usually let me down in getting her both something she appreciates and will enjoy using.

RSVP in Iowa City

First up: Handbags. I stuck with Kate Spade selections as I love the brand's designs and quality. I gave my mom a Kate Spade bag a few years ago and she is still using it, and it looks brand new. I've curated some options for a range of personalities and styles. Maybe your mom loves color, current trends (basket weave inspired bags are in), or is more classic, or maybe she would just like a nice new spring inspired bag to bring a little more cheer to her day.

Next up: Scarves. Scarves are timeless, beautiful, versatile, and functional. I've pulled some Eileen Fisher scarves to give you some ideas. I love Eileen Fisher as the clothes are always classic and sophisticated. These scarves scream spring to me (and a few are on sale!). How can you go wrong?

Last up: Jewelry. Since I started a single brand theme, I'll continue by sharing a collection of items currently available from the brand Jami (@ Also, Jami has been kind enough to provide a promo code for a sweet mother's day discount for my readers. Use code MONW40 at check out for 40% off your purchase at (good through May 14th)! Seriously consider stocking up for yourself as well with a discount like that.

Other ideas that I tend to veer toward are gift certificates to a local flower shop as spring planting starts to gear up after Mother's Day or a gift certificate for her regular pedicure salon. Or maybe its time to update your family photo for mom. If your budget just doesn't allow for much consider an at home spa day where you can pamper each other, chat, or chill and watch a movie or binge a new series release.

If you are looking for at-home spa/beauty items for mom, these are some of my favorites. If you like the idea of a sheet mask but don't like all the gooey mess (which is my favorite part- I slather the extra all over my neck, décolletage, and hands) try Charlotte Tilbury's new dry sheet mask instead. Just be sure to get enough for everyone and maybe some extras to leave behind with mom for later use. If you haven't used Baby Foot before check out this info from Refinery29 first. Note: once the peeling starts sandals are out of the question for about a week, choose your shoes wisely. All that being said, I do a Baby Foot treatment about twice a year and love it.

No matter how you spend your Mother's Day, I hope you have a wonderful one. Let me know what you tend to get your mom (or if you are a mom, let me know what you like to receive) in the comments below!

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