Mission Creek Festival- Andrew Bird Concert

This last week we had the joy that is Mission Creek Festival happening in Iowa City. It is all things wonderful: literature, music, food. Our teaching schedule doesn't allow us the time to partake in all of the activities but we did make time to go see My Brightest Diamond and Andrew Bird perform at the new Hancher Auditorium. It's sort of spring here. Meaning it's still really chilly some days and frequently raining. How to dress for a week night concert in this lovely weather?

I recently found and bought a cold-shoulder trend top that I felt fit my style, and I haven't had much of a chance to wear it yet so this seemed like a great opportunity. I've been really mixed regarding the cold-shoulder trend. I'm still figuring out how this trend might work for my style.

I paired the top with white jeans to lighten the look, a simple pair of strappy heels, and a moto jacket. As I work on refining my personal style (a goal of mine given I've reached my mid 30s) I find myself striving to look more 'put together' or polished- something I didn't worry about as much in my 20s.

The concert was fabulous and, as per usual in Iowa City, I loved the diversity in the crowd. In front of us sat what appeared to be an older gentleman with his preteen grandson, dancing in the front row were a couple of college students, and a precocious child yelled goodbye to the crowd from the back of the auditorium in between songs. If you love music, literature, or food I definitely suggest you make a trip to Mission Creek some year if you live in the area. The performers and events are diverse with something for everyone.

I'll leave you with a clip from the show. Enjoy!

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