Missing in Action

Well, that didn't go as planned! What I thought would be a couple month hiatus got really out of hand. It started off with wanting to rearrange some things on the blog (which I never actually got around to 😩), then I was sick and just not up for the extra effort, and THEN WE BOUGHT AND SOLD HOUSES! Sorry for the yelling there, but now that we are on the other side of the process it feels like such a relief. We had been house hunting for 5 years and I'm not joking when I say we looked at over 100 houses. Luckily, my in-laws are realtors and have immense patience with us. 😊 The house is still in a state of disarray with all our art piled on the floor in the dining room, boxes still fill the sunroom/office, we have precisely 1 bed and 1 chair in the house, but we are here and starting to get it all figured out. We purged all of our furniture before the move because we knew we wanted a new aesthetic for this house and why move it if you don't want to keep it?!! But that now leaves us in an uncomfortable bind. You can only sit in a lawn chair for so long. We are about to have some free time to more seriously start the furniture shopping process but I know it will be slow going since we want to mix styles/eras and buy vintage in a lot of cases.

In the meantime, I've also had to tackle the yard which quickly turned into a jungle when spring/summer weather finally hit. We have been dealing with a slew of appointments for estimates on work that will need to get done over the next year or so. Can we pause and talk about how that is always more expensive than you anticipate even for someone like me that tends to add about 40% to what we thought would be the necessities!!! #HOMEOWNERSHIPAMIRIGHT Anyway, more to come on the house and settling in in future posts. #painting #closetbuilding That lavender room below is going to be my dressing room/office!

An update on my fitness journey......😫😭. Yes, it is that bad. I was doing great and had toned up and slimmed down a bit and was excited with my progress. Then we cut to the two nights in a row when I woke up with excrutiating pain in my right shoulder. Like I want to cry and might-never-sleep-again pain. And no, I haven't gone to the doctor, yet. I took numerous weeks off the workouts. I've been letting it rest. Now I need to start incorporating some physical therapy exercises daily and see how it goes. I haven't had the intense pain but I'll still have days after I've aggravated it when I feel weakness or discomfort just from lifting a glass of water. I'm only in my 30s, I shouldn't be breaking down like this yet!!! So injury/no working out plus moving stress/bad eating habits = gains, not loss.

On a positive note, our gym space in the new house is functional enough that I did a workout this week and I've been hitting the pavement to get some cardio in. The pictures above are from my new neighborhood and make my new running path both beautiful and extra challenging. #62stairs Work with what you've got. Don't beat yourself up, just keep moving forward. Okay, pep-talk done.

Oh yeah, I was also travelling out east for about a week almost immediately after moving into the new house. And finishing up final grades for the spring semester. Obligatory touristy photos below. I didn't eat all those crabs myself, but I have faith that I could have.

But here we are, in a new house staring down summer! We have more travels coming up this summer but not nearly as much as last year. Thank goodness because the house needs attention and I need a break. Don't be fooled by the whole teachers getting summers off, by the way. In reality, I'm currently teaching a 6-week course and updating my fall classes. Good teachers never really totally stop working.

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