Meet Lisa!

Hi all! Today, we are going to do something a little different. Today, I introduce you to Lisa. She is the very best of friends in all the important ways. She plans Skype wine drinking dates with you, sends you the best cards, and always makes time (and has the formal training) to talk you off the ledge when shit hits the fan. She is also one of my biggest blog supporters (behind only my husband, but even then only by a very close margin). I rounded up a few pictures that I love from our past. They range from a brain dissection, haunted prison tour, beach, bowling, beer, a color run and span over a decade.

When Lisa called me up and requested some wardrobe and styling help for a vacation to Scotland I jumped in to help, no questions asked. Well, thats not totally true, I asked plenty of questions: 1) What activities are you doing while there? 2) How much luggage are you taking? 3) What is your budget? Just the essentials to get me started. I'm happy that I am able to reciprocate in some way for all of the support she has given me over the years.

From Lisa in response to what she was most struggling with preparing for packing/clothes planning: "To be honest, I was struggling pretty much across the board. I knew that I wanted to class it up for this trip, in part because I've been talking about doing so since we went to London two years ago and I saw such classy, polished outfits. (That makes me sound like a real jet-setting asshole, which is not the case). I know that I am an over-packer and wanted to focus on what I could wear in multiple ways, especially since it would be more polished takes on my standard jeans, T-shirt and flannel/fleece jacket."

I already have a pretty good handle on the styles she gravitates toward and what her general boundaries are in terms of clothing. That helps me know where I can push her a little out of her comfort zone and what suggestions would be non-starters. After a few consultations, she purchased some of the items out of a collection I had curated for her. Then we had a Skype date in her bedroom and closet where I helped her narrow down her packing selections (basically telling her what to leave behind) and gave her ideas on how to style and mix-and-match the new items with some of her current wardrobe to maximize the limited luggage. Here are some snaps of her in some of the new pieces on the trip (whiskey tasting and finding the secret entry to a speakeasy)!

From Lisa regarding how she feels about her wardrobe and style after our progress together: "I get excited looking in my closet again! I have some new favorites, and also cannot wait for Fall to come so that I can wear some more of my Scotland finds again. I feel more confident in what I am wearing, and dare I say, super on-trend at times! I know that I will continue to branch out with mixing and matching as I add new pieces, and look forward to doing so. I have also gotten a bit more risky with my choices and I love feeling more playful and creative with my clothes, which I know feeds that feeling of excitement when I am picking something out. (The only downside is that I see how much more I would like to switch up/replace, but then it's all about building delayed gratification, right? Don't eat the marshmallow, Lisa...:))"

We are tackling the addition of new pieces seasonally and always keeping a reasonable budget in mind. I'm looking forward to our future work together, but most importantly I love being able to help a friend find their way to their most stylish, confident self!

Anyone else feel like you need some style help or just help loving what is in your closet again?

Here are some items (or similar) to those Lisa bought for her trip.

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