Dinner and a Make Up Tutorial

Wow. Recording and editing a makeup tutorial really makes you feel vulnerable!! I am doing something totally different on the blog today. I filmed myself doing my make up for a holiday dinner with friends and am presenting you with my very beginner's version of a tutorial. I'll take any feedback on what you like, what to cut out next time (if there shouldn't even be a next time!), what you want to see in more depth or detail, etc. This video could have been outrageously long (I was perhaps a bit too thorough with my explanations!) and I cut it down the best I could so as to not absolutely bore you. 😂

I did learn a few things from this experience:

1) I talk too much. Like, WAY.TOO.MUCH. I think it is the only child in me that made it so natural to talk to myself in such detail.

2) I make weird faces when I talk, put on make up, basically ALWAYS.

3) I surprised myself with how relatively natural I sounded on the rough video cuts. I was afraid I would sound like a robot.

4) Going on camera with zero make up when broken out is HARD.

5) Doing everything and explaining it in a time frame short enough to keep your attention was perhaps the hardest goal to meet. It meant that I couldn't explain everything and I couldn't go in to much detail for the things I did explain.

Without further ado (thanks to those of you that tough it out and watch the whole thing!!) here is my make up tutorial for a bronze smoky eye! Links to the products are at the bottom of the post or on my YouTube channel!

The star of the evening was a fabulous night out with my husband and friends! Our friend Masae cooked us an amazing multi-course meal while her business partner Harriet hosted us at their place, Leaf Kitchen. The menu was celeriac root bisque drizzled with brown butter; country pate, chicken liver mouse pate, roasted grapes, stuffed eggplant, goat cheese stuffed peppers, salmon cream dip; pasta with uni sauce (this was phenomenal); Asian style porchetta; and chocolate meringues, annin tofu & Florentine ice cream. I ate as much as humanly possible. #noregrets

Thanks to everyone who helped put this evening together, shared their photos with me (Rossina & Serina) and those that attended and made it so much fun! Don't you just love a good night out with a big group of friends?! Are there any makeup topics that you want/need more info on? I had a couple of friends request more guidance on how much eyeshadow to use, for example, so I will work on a video focused on that for sometime in January. What perplexes you? I'm no expert, but I'll help if I can!!

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