Date Night + Art Show

It can get really difficult for us to get out of the house for a fun night out during the school year. As teachers, we are often working at night and on weekends and just can't carve out time to go out without feeling like we are falling further behind on grading or class prep. #teacherlife It is especially challenging for me to get dressed up and photograph blog content and balance that against actually focusing on quality time with my husband while we are out. We made a special effort to spend some quality time (that didn't include sitting next to each other on the couch working on our computers) together this week.

I wanted to get done up for date night but also knew that the vibe of our date was going to be more artsy than fancy. I went simple with my black jeans and a black lace bodysuit under a cami topped with my oversized cardigan. The bodysuit's lace and straps peeking out from under the camisole created a sexy/romantic feel to an otherwise neutral outfit. And yes, this cardigan sheds all over everything. I actually put a travel sized lint roller in my purse for the night. In the end, I just accept that I will be covered in mohair whenever I wear this cardigan.

We went to a showing of Sylvia Schuster's art work at Mad Modern (a midcentury modern furniture store). If only I could have brought a piece or two home with me! #outofmypricerange If you aren't familiar with Schuster's work, I encourage you to check out her story and more of her art.

Check out some items below to mix and match and create your own version of my laid-back date night outfit.

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