Daily Details (Wardrobe Redux P2)

Part of the process I have begun in refining my style and wardrobe (via the helpful guidance of The Curated Closet- see my Wardrobe Redux post for part 1) included homework to document my outfits for 2 weeks. I waited to do this once the school year had kicked back into gear because I knew my work pieces were probably my greatest deficiency. Before the year started I bought a couple of pairs of dress pants from Express to get me started (I literally only had two pairs of dress pants and they are both more for winter weather).

Here is what I wore and some reflections on the outfits.

Work: Things I noticed immediately upon reflection 1) I need to get the grey pants hemmed. They are a bit too long despite being petites. 2) My work shoe options need a serious upgrade. I don't love some of the shoe/outfit pairings I went with, but didn't really have other options that would have been any better. I need some chunkier heels that I can stand in comfortably for 3 hours straight and more dressy flats. When I go into work I'm at a different location with different people every other day. As a result, I recycle a lot of my outfits given that I'm only in them for a couple of hours (Tuesday's students have no idea I wore the same thing for Monday's class). I work from home the bulk of my day and I'm 100% in sweats for this. That is something else I'd like to change, but let's take one step at a time.

Here are some links to the exact styles I'm wearing in my work gear or similar items for those that are no longer in stores. I've linked both petite and regular length in some of the pants.

Errands & Out-&-About: I didn't do a great job of getting pictures of all the outfits I wore. I also totally admit to a hermit-esque lifestyle during the first couple of weeks of school so there weren't that many outfits in the first place for this category. Things I noticed upon immediate reflection 1) I ❤️ my distressed boyfriend jeans and navy tees. 2) It feels like I'm repeating the same outfit in slight variations.

Other general reflections I had were that despite having a stock of great accessories, I'm terrible at actually wearing them. I often walk out of the house with just my wedding ring on. I'm not saying that is bad or anything (#lessismore sometimes) but I do see room to polish my outfits a bit with better incorporation of earrings and necklaces at a minimum. (p.s., I'm seeing lots of pj inspired day-wear showing up on the runways at NYFW for spring collections.)

The Curated Closet provides several questions for you after documenting your outfits. Here are a few of the questions and my reflections on them.

Q) On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy were you overall with our outfits during these past two weeks?

A) I'm at about a 6 on the work outfits. While these outfits are far more work appropriate than I have dressed for the classroom in the past (I usually wore jeans) I am still not enamored with them. Like I said earlier, I'm not feeling my shoe options in some of them and I feel like the outfits in general are lacking personality (or at least my personality).

Possible shoe solutions:

Q) Do you tend to follow a specific formula for putting together your outfits? Do you have a uniform?

A) I think these pictures are a loud and resounding YES to this question. I am wearing tapered ankle length dress pants and a silk top of some sort in every work outfit. I don't gravitate toward wide leg pants because I'm so short and it feels/looks like I'm being eaten up by them and its so much worse if they are high-waisted which is THE trend right now. I'm also wearing a dark casual top and jeans a lot in my everyday wear.

Q) What was your least favorite outfit and why? How did it make you feel?

A) I'm really not a fan of how the oversized dark grey cardi with the light grey pants looked. I was in a rush that day and just didn't have the motivation to put much thought into my outfit. It was chilly out and this cardi was on the top of the sweater pile so I just went with it. I like the individual pieces but not together. Clearly, this cardi needs to be relegated to casual wear and scratched off the work attire options. Also, as much as I want my tan mules to work with those grey pants...THEY DON'T. SO STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, BRIDGET.

My next homework is to reflect on more questions that will help me identify what types of clothes I wear and need the most (what am I dressing for?), what does my style say about me and does that match with what I want it to say, and further curating my style goals.

I'll admit, this is starting to feel much more daunting than I anticipated and I'm a bit overwhelmed trying to articulate my thoughts and feelings in regards to some of the questions posed to me. Any words of wisdom from your own experience curating your style? Or just words of encouragement? #illtakeanythingatthispoint

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