Cravings, it's time to give in.

I had a few of my husband's friends over for his birthday the other week and his friend deemed these fish tacos the best he had ever eaten. I may have prepared them but the true credit goes to Chrissy Teigan, #foodgoddess. Don't pigeon-hole Chrissy Teigan into a category and dismiss her as a model or celebrity, the woman knows her food- we are all multidimensional creatures. Chrissy's wit, sarcasm, and honesty shine in the writing, which is just as enjoyable as the food. (Truth be told, she is the only reason I ever go on twitter)

I love to cook and eat delicious food. I was never much of a cookbook user in the kitchen, but I have fallen in love with a couple of cookbooks in the past year. One of those--- Cravings by Chrissy Teigan. It is heaven. The recipes are easy to prepare, most ingredients are easy to find here in the midwest, and my husband has devoured everything I've made from it, with gleeful abandon no less. I've made several of the recipes but have a ways to go in trying them all- a challenge I'm happy to accept. (And I promise to work on my food photography skills for the future. But seriously, how do you take an appealing photo of a casserole?)

The fish taco recipe is actually pretty low maintenance in terms of prep. Wash veggies and dice/slice, blend/mix sauces, cook fish (I use a Le Creuset grill pan on the stove top) & DONE. I get some locally made tortillas that have the best chewy texture- moral of the story: don't cheap out on tortillas. This recipe is also easy to increase or decrease your quantities depending on how many people you are feeding or bulk it up with a side of chips & guac. Additional tip, add the mango-avocado salsa recipe from the Chipotle-Honey Chicken recipe to the fish tacos.

I've also made the Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Pad Grapow (Chicken & Basil), Crab Cake, Spicy Tomato Egg Skillet (a constant go-to breakfast for dinner), Actually Drunken Noodles, Cheesy Jalopeño Tuna Casserole (all featured below) & others that I failed to get pictures of- a mistake I won't make again! An important honorable mention is the maple glazed biscuits in the biscuits and gravy recipe- just the thought is drool inducing.

Spice up your at home cooking (literally in some cases) and get your hands on this cookbook. Just trust me, even if you "can't cook" this cookbook will teach you otherwise. If you have the cookbook, what is your favorite recipe? What cookbooks do you love? Let me know in the comments below so I can check them out!

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