Coats- b/c let's be honest, it isn't warm yet and SALES.

In The Middle of No Wear, the calendar denotes the transition to spring, but mother nature doesn't feel like she has totally caught up yet. It's still chilly some days and most nights, and rain is inevitable at some point during the week. This means that as much as I want to put my sweaters away and break out my spring wardrobe, it isn't that easy here in the Midwest.

So how do you make your outfit feel like spring without leaving you feeling the remaining bite of winter? A good coat. And the good news right now is that a lot of coats are on sale, especially wool. I think it is safe to say a lot of us don't invest in coats the same way we do shoes or tops. We have a couple of coats or jackets and we either don't even think of them as part of our outfit or we force them to work with what we are wearing (though truth be told, they often clash or just don't feel right with the outfit). We can't all be Olivia Pope (#fashiongoals #coatgoals), but we can probably do better with minimal effort.

So lets talk about diversifying our coat collections. I'm focusing in on a few trends that I think deserve some consideration in the outerwear category.

First up is military style jackets. I have an oversized vintage military jacket. It belonged to my dad when he was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War and stationed in Japan. I love this jacket for sentimental reasons, but I like the trend regardless.

Next up is the duster and waterfall trend. I invested in a low-cost waterfall coat in the fall and I wore it a lot during the winter when I needed to bundle up tight with a scarf and gloves. This spring I plan to incorporate it by wearing it open.

Spring rains are a wonderful thing when you can enjoy them from inside, but when you need to go out a trench is an easy addition to your outfit. I love my tan trench from a few seasons ago (they never go out of style if you choose one with minimal bells & whistles). I was eyeing this navy Michael Kors hooded trench while working on this post and totally caved and bought it when I spotted a promo code to use on top of the sale price (= under $100).

And though the weather is starting to warm up and they may not be on your mind, you can get some great wool coats on sale right now. I added the Mango mink grey, funnel neck coat to my closet a few weeks ago when I spotted it on sale. It has a balance between casual and formal that I think I will turn to a lot this fall/winter.

Finishing off your outfit with the appropriate coat, whether that has to do with color, formality, or cut/style, is a surefire way to help look more polished when you walk out the door. You don't need a coat in every style or color to accomplish this. Consider the range of outfits and colors you tend to wear and think about what style coat(s) would be a smart investment for you and go with a neutral color to make it versatile.

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