Casual Fridays

My go-to summer outfit is jeans and a t-shirt, simple and to the point. Particularly, a white or navy blue t-shirt. It's a uniform, of sorts, that needs little thought and effort. That doesn't mean it has to look boring or can't be dressed up. I splurge a little on my t-shirts for higher quality and better fabric, but I certainly don't go crazy on them. I try to spot them on sale most times (marked down to the $40 range from the $70-80 range). That may still sound expensive, but as frequently as I wear them I want them to last and look/feel good for years. Sure, you can buy a cheap t-shirt at a department store, but I find they usually are poorly shaped, fade, and feel rough on my skin. My closet is filled with tees from Splendid and Three Dots. They are higher quality in all the areas I find important.

When starting this blog, one of my goals was to explore how I translate the high fashion I love to follow into an attainable fashion reality in my world. The tee and jeans combo is a fashion staple at all levels. At the high end, you can grab this white tee for just under $2,000- no joke (did you click on it- did you expect to find something extra special about it and discover, nope- it's really just a plain white tee?). A popular tee brand in the celebrity world is James Perse which will still run you about $125. I do own a couple of James Perse long-sleeved tees that I snagged on sale at my friend's boutique- Catherine's. My reaction to these prices might mirror your reaction to the $70 price I mentioned above- we all have our boundaries. And like I said, I have a hard time swallowing that $70 price for a t-shirt, so I am always looking for them on sale. I've bought cheap tees at places like Old Navy and Target, but I'm always disappointed in them after only a few wears. They don't fit well (too long, too boxy, weirdly placed or sized arm holes, etc) and I invariably end up tossing them in the Goodwill pile or the bottom of a drawer in overflow storage in the basement. What a waste of my money, even if it was cheap. This lesson has shifted me toward the brands I mentioned above even if it hasn't shifted me to spend the $100+ on these tees.

A tee and jeans combo can start to feel repetitive or basic, so accessorizing can help you refresh the look and also dress it up or down for different occasions. I often layer some delicate necklaces that work with the tee's particular neckline and add color with some other accessories. I have never been drawn to chunky necklaces- I feel like they overwhelm my small stature and end up wearing me rather than me wearing them. If you struggle figuring out which necklaces to layer together and at what lengths, I suggest just buying a pre layered one. I paired a choker with a pre layered necklace here. I'm also one to mix my metals--all of them, in any combination. On this outing, for some color, I added pops of mint and gold.

I was going super casual on this Friday night out so I just tossed on my moto jacket and my white sneakers. I'm just as likely to wear my tan mules with an outfit like this, though. Because I prefer a looser t-shirt I always do a slight tuck somewhere in the front (either on center or slightly off to one side- depending on if/what I'm layering over it). I just picked up a colorful kimono at Forever 21 to layer over t-shirts and shorts/jeans this summer to add a little more variety to my looks. Watch for that look later this summer.

I've linked out to some of my favorite tees and layering necklaces below for some inspiration- check them out!

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