Behind the Scenes: Curling 101

The Winter Olympics are coming up and I'd be willing to wager that you've watched the curling event before. It's kind of fascinating, right? But also an easy target to be the butt of jokes. When you break it down, you've got grown ups throwing a rock on ice and using brooms to ..... well I wasn't 100% sure what those brooms were doing. But it sure looked funny. This doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement so far, but for real, I could watch the curling event all day long. So when the opportunity was presented to give it a shot myself I jumped at it. A colleague of my husband arranged for their department faculty to get a little Curling 101 training with a local club. I was sooooo excited for this and it did not disappoint.

I'll give you a quick rundown of the basics before you dive into the behind the scenes video of my experience:

1) There is a stone that you send gliding down the ice. It is easy to tip over when in the low lunge position of releasing the stone, FYI.

2) Sweeping (using the broom in front of the stone) is a serious cardio workout. And to be honest, I'm still not very confident about how sweeping works.

3) Don't make sudden changes in your posture while sweeping......I ate it hard onto my backside because of hurts.

4) Have fun and don't take yourself seriously while learning. You will need to look and feel ridiculous while getting the hang of it.

5) Last, but not least, DO NOT RUN AFTER THE STONE. This was reiterated numerous times. It is apparently the most frequent cause of falls. 😂

I want to thank the kind and patient folks with the Cedar Rapids Curling Club for hosting us, teaching us, and putting up with me and my camera out there on the ice. If you live in the area (or have an ice rink in your area) check out the club and an open night they have soon leading into the Olympics where you can come and learn how to curl for yourself. I had a blast and I think you might as well.

Without further ado- (my wipeout didn't make it onto film or I would have included it).

And if you are interested in my snazzy curling outfit (I was going for warmth not style...don't laugh) here are some similar items.


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