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Do you guys fly or road trip on your vacations? I love flying. It is so much more convenient. You get to your destination so much faster. And as they say, time is money, right? My husband, however, has some flying issues. And by that, I mean that we don't fly. EVER. He is gearing up to change that in the coming years (just the thought of flying is anxiety provoking for him, so this is a big effort on his part) but for now, we still hit the road for our trips.

My compromise this year was that we would stay longer at our destination to make the time on the road worth it. And in all honesty, you get to experience the beauty of our country when you spend the time driving through it rather than zipping over it so quickly in an airplane. So this week, I wanted to share more of the sights we encountered on our travels. I shared some images last week that will show up again today, because how can you possibly edit out these beautiful places? I'm always amazed with how the landscape shifts as you cross the country. We live in an area of rolling hills of farm fields, for the most part, in Iowa. Nebraska flattens out and then opens into the rockier terrain of Wyoming as you start to climb into the mountains. Utah is where I feel like you really shift into more rugged and dominating features. This was my first time through the Salt Lake City area and I was surprised at how different it is from southern Utah (which I am floored by every time I travel through). Nevada continued the rugged feel of Utah and dropped us into the forested mountains of California which transitioned over time to the hills of wine country, redwoods, and the rocky coastline as we reached the western edge of the U.S.

I am a planner by nature, so I really gear up for a road trip. I had 4 small coolers/bags packed with snacks and meals to eat on the way. On our 3-day drive we only stopped and paid to eat once. That saves us both time and money. That also gives us a bit more freedom to stop and take in the views along the way without worrying about our time. I'm also fairly frugal, so packing food is really more about the cost savings for me. A side bonus is that we can eat much healthier than relying on what we can find roadside which is typically fast food and, in some of the more remote areas, just gas stations.

Let me take you on a fast forward of our journey (we were on the road for 3 days just to reach San Francisco). Remember, much of this was taken through a car window so please forgive the occasional reflections and bug smears ;)

Stay tuned for some more in depth coverage of some of my favorite stops and adventures along our trip. Coming soon(ish): Muir Woods, Monterey, Napa/Calistoga, Yosemite, and L.A. I've been a bit M.I.A. on social media during our travels because I am actually being 'present' during all of our excursions. It is so easy to forget to soak-in and enjoy our experiences in the moment, and I don't want to make that mistake this trip as I am in the presence of some amazing sights.

Where have you traveled to in the U.S. that has left you with a sense of awe and wonder?

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